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Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit

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Grow pink oyster mushrooms on your kitchen counter with our fun and easy kit. Simply cut slits in the bag, mist daily with water, and mushrooms will be ready to harvest within two weeks!

About pink oysters

The pink oyster mushroom (Pleurotus djamor) is a tropical species that grows in vivid pink bouquets. Provide room temperature (20° C and up) and watch your pink oysters flourish.

Kit contents

  • 1.5 kg hardwood fruiting block.
  • Humidity tent to help your mushrooms grow and stay happy.
  • 60ml spray bottle.


Pan-fry pink oysters for an amazing bacon substitute. The mushrooms change from pink to gold when cooked.


Hardwood blend, millet, wheat bran, and Pleurotus djamor mycelium.


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We're confident in the quality of our mushroom kits. In the unlikely event that your kit doesn't grow mushrooms within two weeks, we'll provide a free replacement.