British Columbia Mushroom Kits

British Columbia, with its rainy seasons and fertile land, is home to many wild mushrooms.

But what if you want to grow your own gourmet mushrooms to eat? Use one of Folk Fungi’s mushroom kits!

A mushroom kit with ocean and mountains from BC in the background.

Growing mushrooms is easy with a kit. It’s as simple as this: cut the kit open, spray it with water daily, and harvest your mushrooms within a couple of weeks.

Most people grow their kits indoors. But since the weather is so rainy in BC, you can actually grow your kits outdoors if you want.

Mushrooms in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver has a long history of mushroom cultivation. It also has a thriving culture of mushrooms more generally.

In 1978, the Vancouver Mycological Society held its first meeting. Since then, the society has held yearly “mushroom shows” in the city.

The skyline and mountains of Vancouver, BC seen from a high vantage point.

Vancouver has a large Chinese population, which traditionally consume more mushrooms than any other ethnic group, according to a 2009 study by Wang et al.

Mushrooms in Victoria, BC

The capital of BC, Victoria is another city with a substantial history of mushrooms.

In 1994, the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society was formed.

The legislative grounds of Victoria, BC.

The society has received grants from the BC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council to research the area's mushroom populations, including the collections of species at the Royal BC Museum.