Manitoba Mushroom Kits

In Manitoba, there are around 100 species of mushrooms that have been identified so far, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

If you want to try your hand at growing your own edible mushrooms in Manitoba, Folk Fungi (which is based in Winnipeg) offers an easy solution: mushroom kits.

A mushroom kit imposed over a grassland in Manitoba.

Mushroom kits require zero expertise or experience. Simply spray the included growing medium with water every day and mushrooms will quickly grow.

There are a variety of tasty species you can grow with a mushroom kit, from oyster mushrooms to lion’s mane.

Mushrooms in Winnipeg, MB

In Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, mushrooms are growing in popularity.

More and more local growers are popping up, and it’s now quite common to see speciality mushrooms at local farmer’s markets.

Downtown buildings in Winnipeg, MB.

There is a thriving foraging community in Winnipeg as well.

For example, Mushroom Picking Manitoba offers live workshops to learn how to find and identify mushrooms.

There’s also the Winnipeg Mycological Society, which hosts an online forum to discuss mushrooms in Manitoba and across the prairies.

Mushrooms in Brandon, MB

Brandon, often referred to as the "Wheat City" due to its rich agricultural history, also has a budding interest in mushrooms.

The region around Brandon boasts a variety of habitats suitable for mushroom growth, from riverbanks to woodlands. Local foragers often venture out after rains to seek out wild mushrooms, making it a popular pastime during the mushroom season.

The courthouse in Brandon, Manitoba.

Brandon University has also shown interest in the study of mycology, with biology students occasionally delving into research projects related to local fungi.

For those interested in learning more, local workshops and guided forays are occasionally organized, allowing residents to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the fungal kingdom.