A white woman with glasses and dark hair and a white man with glasses and dark hair hold up a cluster of oyster mushrooms.

Mushroom lovers

Meet Spenser and Harper, the couple behind Folk Fungi. Their interest in mushrooms began with a documentary and deepened with each trip to the woods. From there, they ventured into growing mushrooms at home, amazed by the huge harvests they could produce. Now, they're ready to support your mushroom journey with growing products and friendly guidance.

  • Growing your own food

    There's no better feeling than growing your own food and eating it. (Except for growing your own food and sharing it with a neighbour—that feels pretty amazing too).

  • Giving back

    Much like mycelium flourishing underground, we aim to enrich our surroundings. By donating to local causes, we nurture a more connected and thriving community.

  • Curiosity

    Mushrooms make us curious. How does a mushroom appear, like magic, from a tree? How do we know mushroom caps aren't tiny satellites communicating to aliens?

  • A man holds up a mushroom kit in front of red wall with a
  • A mushroom lab.