A white woman with glasses and dark hair and a white man with glasses and dark hair hold up a cluster of oyster mushrooms.

Mushroom lovers

Spenser and sb. became fascinated with mushrooms after watching a mycology documentary. Then, they began finding and photographing mushrooms in Vancouver. Photography turned into growing mushrooms in their home. Now, they want to help you grow mushrooms!

(Folk Fungi was formerly called East Van Mushroomery.)

  • Growing your own food

    There's no better feeling than growing your own food and eating it. (Except for growing your own food and sharing it with a neighbour—that feels pretty amazing too).

  • Giving back

    The world is both a beautiful and scary place, and we want to make it a little less scary. In April, we ran a raffle that raised $247 for distro disco, a mobile free store in Vancouver.

  • Curiosity

    Mushrooms make us curious. How does a mushroom appear, like magic, from a tree? How do we know mushroom caps aren't tiny satellites communicating to aliens?