Saskatchewan Mushroom Kits

Saskatchewan is known for its open prairies and cold winters. But did you know that there are many edible mushrooms, from morels to shaggy manes, growing throughout the province?

If you live in Saskatchewan and want to grow your own edible mushrooms, consider starting with a mushroom kit.

A mushroom kit imposed upon a wide open prairie in Saskatchewan.

A mushroom kit makes it easy for anyone to grow mushrooms. Use the included spray bottle to spritz the growing medium, and you’ll soon have a bounty of mushrooms to eat.

Mushrooms in Regina, SK

There are plenty of mushroom enthusiasts in Regina, the province’s capital city.

Founded in Regina, the Saskatchewan Mycological Working Group is an organization for people who are interested in mushrooms. The group includes members from across the province.

The two largest towers in Regina, SK.

The group meets online and in-person to learn about mushrooms and discuss their findings. They also go on mushroom hunts to find new species of mushrooms.

Mushrooms in Saskatoon, SK

Many members of the Saskatchewan Mycological Working Group live in Saskatoon, the province’s largest city.

The skyline of Saskatoon, SK.

Mushrooms are quite common in the Saskatoon area and can be found on wooded hillsides and around old trees. Below are a couple of examples.

Giant puffball mushrooms: The giant puffball mushroom is usually found in clusters and has a light brown to white colour. They have a mild taste with a slight nutty flavour.

Shaggy mane mushrooms: The shaggy mane mushroom is usually found growing on dead or dying hardwood trees and has a creamy yellow colour with brownish scales on its stalk. It has an earthy flavour with hints of garlic or onion.