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Folk Fungi

King Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture

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2 months (refrigerated)

Our king oyster (Pleurotus eryngii) liquid culture grows mushrooms with sizable white stems and tan caps, offering a meaty texture and rich umami flavour when cooked. This variety, a bit challenging to cultivate, does well in cooler temperatures but needs careful humidity control to prevent drying. While primarily producing one flush, attentive care can lead to additional harvests.


To use a liquid culture syringe, you'll need a sterilized grain bag.

We recommend performing inoculation in a still air box or laminar flow hood to reduce the possibility of contamination. However, it's still possible to get good results without these tools—cleaning your working space, tools and materials with isopropyl alcohol is key.

Always handle liquid culture syringes using sterile technique, ensuring they are thoroughly shaken before use. Flame sterilize the needle (a regular lighter works fine), let it briefly cool down, then insert it into the grain bag's self-healing injection port. Inject 3-5 ml of liquid culture per 1.5 kg grain bag. If you intend to reuse your needle, sterilize it before and after each subsequent use.

For a visual demonstration of this technique, watch the video below.


  • Syringe: 10 ml with luer lock
  • Needle: 18 gauge, 33 mm long
  • Liquid culture volume: 10 ml


Distilled water, light malt extract, Pleurotus eryngii mycelium.


If not used immediately, store the liquid culture in the fridge for up to two months.



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